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LabVIEW Student Ambassador Program




    The Program

    The LabVIEW Student Ambassador (LSA) Program empowers engineering students to learn the LabVIEW graphical programming environment used by millions of engineers and scientists to develop sophisticated measurement, test and control systems. According to the acceptance criteria, once endorsed as a LabVIEW Ambassador, the student will provide fellow students and faculty members on campus with a series of workshops giving them the opportunity to achieve LabVIEW proficiency, certification and product support.


    Our Regional LabVIEW Student Ambassadors

    University LabVIEW Student Ambassador
    Lebanese University - Roumieh, Lebanon

    "I joined the Labview Student Ambassador program because it is the perfect position where I could improve my communication , networking, technical and time management skills" - Samer Zeinoun, LSA 2014.

    "As an LSA, I have the opportunity to get involved with different types of work allowing me to develop existing skills as well as gain new ones such as team work, presentation skills, communication and interpersonal skills. Alongside, it offers a fantastic opportunity of working with young people and share experiences" - Ziad Abboud, LSA 2014

    Lebanese University - Hadath, Lebanon Samah Chazbeck, LSA 2014
    National Engineering School of Tunis, Tunisia "The Labview Student Ambassador Program is a great opportunity to get in touch with other engineering students from all disciplines, to spread NI culture and to get involved in more projects with the faculty professors and students" - Achref Doula, LSA 2014
    Ecole Supérieure des Communications de Tunis, Tunisia "The program offered me a lot of opportunities such as getting access to valuable learning materials which made it easier to get the CLAD certification, having the chance to expand my network and to strengthen my skills" - Takwa Ben Younes Gnenna, LSA 2014.
    Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie, Tunisia "I gained through LSA program a number of skills: presentation skills, project management skills by participating in GSD MUSABAKA 2014. My workshop sessions also helped the fellow students in: getting certified CLAD (6 certified students), developing academic projects using LabVIEW and participating in MUSABAKA competition" - Anis Troudi, LSA 2014
    Lebanese International University

    "It is my distinct pleasure to join NI as LSA. This opportunity will lead me to learn and develop myself  and then participate in exchanging the knowledge across engineering students in order to enhance their technical skills and help them to make good engineering projects.

    Albert Einstein - "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning."" - Yehya A. Nasser, LSA 2015

    Cairo University, Egypt

    Hesham Mostafa Fawzy Nour, LSA 2015

    Mayada Samir Mohamed, LSA 2015

    Abdelrahman Said ElNaggar Tawfik, LSA 2015

    Ahmed Moustafa Hosny, LSA 2015

    Islam Gamal Mohamed Fawzy, LSA 2015

    Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud, LSA 2015

    Hassan Mohamed Fakhry El-Menier, LSA 2015


    Benefits of Being a LabVIEW Student Ambassador

    The LabVIEW Student Ambassador will be encouraged to know and learn the LabVIEW programming environment, and utilize it in his own projects as well as be proficient and have the qualifications needed to join the workforce. He will also have the chance to network with other students, professors and faculty members. The LabVIEW Student Ambassador will develop leadership skills, receive recommendations from NI representatives and boost his resume.


    • Gain Proficiency
    • Gain Expertise
    • Develop Leadership Skills
    • Enhance Network
    • Resume Boost
    • Receive Recommendations
    • Develop Industry Readiness

    Benefits of Attending LabVIEW Student Ambassador Workshops

    Connect with an LSA on your campus and you'll have access to a student who's not only certified in LabVIEW, but also eager to help you learn the LabVIEW graphical system design. Faculty members and students will be able to diversify their skills and, gain proficiency and expertise. These workshops will allow you to gain access on learning material and achieve LabVIEW certification.


    • Gain Proficiency
    • Be Trained by the Best
    • Achieve LabVIEW Certification
    • Enhance Your Design Projects
    • Access Learning Materials
    • Get Certified


          Requirements to be a LabVIEW Student Ambassador

          The LSA should be a LabVIEW and NI enthusiast. He should be LabVIEW proficient, certified and confident in teaching core LabVIEW concepts. The student should demonstrate commitment and constant communication with NI representatives. Through this commitment the student will be representing and reflecting the NI brand on his university campus.


          • Enthusiasm for NI and LabVIEW
          • LabVIEW proficiency (pass the proficiency checklist)
          • Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer Exam Passed
          • Comfortable teaching core LabVIEW concepts
          • Thirst for identifying LabVIEW opportunities
          • Excellent Communications and Presentation Skills
          • Ability to represent the NI brand accurately
          • Commitment to the role


          LabVIEW Student Ambassadors Worldwide