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NI Centers of Excellence


National Instruments Centers of Excellence

National Instruments Centers of Excellence

National Instruments Centers of Excellence (CoE) are multi-disciplinary research facilities set up in association with educational institutes focusing on a specific domain. They also provide a platform to explore industry - academia partnerships.

Mission of NI Centers of Excellence

  • To achieve sustained excellence and leadership by introducing innovative techniques of computer based design, analyses, measurement and control
  • To provide a conducive environment and facilities for development of technical credence and domain expertise amongst faculty members of the institute.
  • To bridge the gap of instrumentation for interdisciplinary requirements
  • To utilize the facility for community development in and around the region


NI Centers of Excellence Benefits

  • Implementing virtual instrumentation in teaching in a minimum of three engineering departments
  • Having a minimum of five Labs in each department based on VI [Hardware and Software]
  • Having a minimum of one Certified LabVIEW Instructor in every department
  • Giving a minimum of one course to students in which they learn how to develop & program using LabVIEW
  • Displaying certification logo on business cards and university brochure
  • Integrating hands-on and experiential learning
  • Encouraging problem solving
  • Leveraging technology in order to animate theory and demonstrate concepts
  • Challenging students with real-life industry projects

Our Regional Centers of Excellence

 American University of Beirut


American University of Beirut, Lebanon


Virtual Instrumentation - Electronics and Computer Engineering

 Texas A&M University


Texas A&M University at Qatar


Electronics and Mechanical Engineering






Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University, Saudi Arabia




Electronics and Communications Engineering

 Air University



Air University, Pakistan



Aerospace and Avionics

Our Global Centers of Excellence



Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States


Bioinstrumentation and Mechatronics Research

Stanford University



Stanford University, United States


Quantum Information Science Research Group Block Lab for Single Molecule Biophysics Research Stanford Information Networks Group (SING)

Novosibirsk State Technical University



Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russia



Basic and Advanced Training Courses in LabVIEW and DAQ