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Designing Industrial Measurement and Automation Systems

Recent trends in Industrial Measurements and Automation Systems are characterized by geographical distribution and functional integration. On the technical level, the goal is to easily connect devices and sensors/actuators from different vendors. Functionally, there is a need for interoperability of control functions on different hierarchical levels ranging from field equipment to process control, operations management and various Internet-based service applications.

Join this seminar to see how National Instruments’ rugged Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) is compatible with different Industrial Communication Protocols, connects to various sensors/actuators, and supports advanced measurements, processing and control algorithms!


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Topics Covered

-Concepts of Process Control                                                                 -Advanced Control Strategies

-Industrial Measurement Systems                                                          -Industrial Communication

-Actuators & Valves                                                                                   -SCADA and DCS

-Control System Hardware                                                                      -Advanced Sensors and Diagnostics

-Feedback Control Strategies                                                                 -Security & Sustainability


      Who Should Attend?

      • Instrumentation and Control Engineers
      • Research Associates
      • Professors and Technology Enthusiast


      Seminars' Details

      Date Time Location Registration
      Tuesday, 8 December 2015 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM 

      COMSATS Institute Of Information Technology Attock,

      Kamra Rd, Attock 43600, Pakistan

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      Time Sessions

      10:00 AM 

      Keynote: Factory of the Future, National Instruments

      10:20 AM

      Keynote: Research Trends in Automation and Control Systems, Comsats

      10:40 AM

      Keynote: Upgrading Legacy Automation Systems, Cortek Technologies

      11:00 AM

      Building Blocks of Industrial Automation Systems

      11:20 AM

      Tea Break

      11:30 AM

      Industrial Sensing and Actuation (Demonstration)

      12:00 PM

      Designing and Deploying Controller (Demonstration)

      12:30 PM

      Advance Measurement and Control Systems (Demonstration)

      1:00 PM

      Industrial Communication Networks and Security (Demonstration)

      1:30 PM

      SCADA and DCS System (Demonstration)

      2:00 PM

      Closing Remarks

      2:10 PM

      Networking and Lunch