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Developing Energy Management and Appliance Standardization and Labelling Systems

With the increasing number of unpredictable accidents and power shortages on utility systems, there is an imminent need to improve the reliability and quality of electric power networks. Traditional Power management systems used to monitor power quality and energy consumption have proven to be insufficient.  New, cutting-edge Industrial Smart Power Management Systems are needed. 

Join us in this seminar to see how National Instruments tools and technologies can help customers understand their total energy consumption and how efficiently their machines are using energy over time to identify where they can make improvements to more effectively meet their bottom line and save money.

Moreover, you will also see how with NI’s Modular Platforms and Graphical System Design approach, you can develop a test lab for Power Characterization for Appliances.


Topics Covered

-Concepts of power monitoring                                                                 -Industrial communication

-Power management based on appliance signature                           -SCADA and DCS

-Selective load management                                                                    -Advanced sensors and diagnostics

-Identification of power sinks                                                                     -Precision measurements for appliances characterization

-Power quality improvement                                                                      -Correlated appliance instrumentation and control

-THD and power factor correction                                                            -Standardized report generation

        Who Should Attend?

        Industrial power house engineers, members of industrial energy conversation/Energy management department, instrumentation and control engineers, governmental eberngy conservation bodies/departments , appliance testing engineers, appliance certification bodies, manufacturing industrialists, professors and research associates.


        Seminars' Details

        Date Time Location Registration
        Monday, 11 January 2016 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM 

        COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Lahore,

        1.5 KM Defence Rd, off Raiwind Rd, Defence Rd, Lahore 54000, Pakistan

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        Time Sessions

        10:00 AM 

        Keynote: The Digital Energy Revolution, National Instruments

        10:20 AM

        Keynote: Research Trends in Online Power Management, Comsats Lahore

        10:40 AM

        Keynote: Creating Megawatts of Energy through Energy Management, NI

        11:00 AM

        Keynote: Developing Appliance Characterization and Test Systems, National Instruments

        11:20 AM

        Tea Break

        11:30 AM

        Correlated Energy Measurements (Demonstration)

        12:00 PM

        Designing and Deploying Online Energy Management Systems (Demonstration)

        12:30 PM

        SCADA and DCS System (Demonstration)

        1:00 PM

        Design of VFDs for Efficient Energy Consumption (Demonstration)

        1:30 PM

        Design of Fan Characterization and Test Systems (Demonstration)

        2:00 PM

        Design of Led and Solar Characterization and Test Systems (Demonstration)

        2:30 PM

        Closing Remarks

        2:40 PM

        Networking and Lunch