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Software Defined Radio Worshop


An Introduction to Software-Defined Radio

Learn how to prototype a wireless communication receiving algorithm using Software Defined Radio.  Discover how to acquire, analyze, and record wireless signals from the NI Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) software defined radio using LabVIEW.

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Research Platforms for RF and Communication Presentation

- by Ahmed Bilal, NI Pakistan

Prototyping and deploying a new concept of modern communication system on a hardware platform demands extreme modularity and parameter accessibility in hardware to customize its characteristics via algorithm. This presentation shows how an open FPGA based RF hardware approach can be used to prototype complex systems and help overcome modern communication design challenges like :

Real time processing, Synchronization of RF substations, Parallelism requirements of algorithm, RF parameter Customizability, High throughput and latency challenges , Massive MIMO data handling

Demonstration of MIMO platforms, Radar like applications


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Over the Air Demodulator on Software Defined Radio Hands-on Session

- by Ahmed Khalid, NI Pakistan

This session is an introduction to software defined radio. In this we will learn LabVIEW programming fundamentals and build a simple spectrum analyzer. Along with this we will demodulate over-the-air broadcast FM radio


FPGA Based Implementation of OFDM Transceiver Demonstration

- by Ahmed Khalid, NI Pakistan

This demonstration shows complete design flow of OFDM transceiver design from simulation, to high latency implementation, to FPGA based low latency transceiver design and deployment