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Customer Success from Pakistan

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Every day, more than 2500 customers across Arabia harness the power of Graphical System Design to build a variety of applications across different industry verticals and application areas. Read their success stories to understand the diversity of our customers in India across industry verticals, application areas and system complexity. Over the last decade, we have built long lasting relationships with partners from defense and aerospace, power, telecommunications, automotive, semiconductors, robotics, industrial automation, electronics and the academic sector.
Case Study from Pakistan - Data Acquisition, Measurements and Testing

Retrofit the Roundness Testing Machine with LabVIEW and NI hardware

The Challenge
Developing a low-cost, easy-to-use automated test system for testing the Roundness of Automotive parts specially in-engine parts for Automotive Parts Manufacturing Industries.

The Solution
Creating a flexible and simple test system using National Instruments Data Acquisition System using LabVIEW together with Data Acquisition I/O  Hardware.

NI Data Acquisition System Test

Author (s)
Eng. Kashif Sidiki -  Automation Engineer and System Integrator, Developing LabVIEW Based Testing and Data Acquisition System since 2003 from Avionics industries to Automotive Industries.

Engg. Solutions
Developing a System for Measurement and Control
We have developed a system that controls and measures two parameters, Rpm signal and the Error signal. The Rpm signal is detected through the opto-sensor whereas, the error signal is observed from the LVDT sensor which is basically checking the surface error from the part to be tested. We developed this system in a way that allows operators to configure tests easily while saving the configurations for later use, without changing the source mode.
Rapid Development Using LabVIEW
We used graphical object-oriented programming as a development model to make the system software easy to maintain and modify. With this type of programming, the development process was also easier because we could use the same terminology used by the customer
Easy-to-Use Software Tools Led to Success
By virtue of LabVIEW, the application has essentially simplified the work for the operators, who can run the tests without extensive experience and training. Also, the time for the development and installation of the system was minimal, which created a robust system at a reasonable cost.