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As the size, complexity, and criticality of your application increase, the knowledge and skills you need to be successful change. As you move from project to project, you should assess which additional concepts you need to learn and scale your skill set in terms of hardware and software to match the demands of your new application. NI provides you with the support and technical training needed to succeed in the use of its hardware and software in developing effecient and productive applications while utilizing at the fullest the tools it provides. We hold different types of training sessions in different locations, from classroom type to self-paced online training, to suit adequately the needs of our customers. Check out your different options!

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Training Resources

National Instruments

Certification Programme

Advance your career and prove your expertise with NI Certification.
Get certified in LabVIEW, TestStand and CVI.

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NI offers a variety of instructional packages and tools designed to educate you on NI products and technologies at your own pace.

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National Instruments

Live Online

Based on NI's classroom courses, instructor-led online training gives you the opportunity to take high quality training

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On Demand

Request the training of your choice in the timeframe that suits you best. We will create classes according to demand & availability

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Live Online

Eliminate the costs of travel and time away from work while still benefiting from live instruction. With virtual training courses, only half the day is devoted to training so you can increase the skill you need for your job, get hands on experience with software, and still minimize the impact on your schedule. NI instructors use a virtual classroom environment to present learning material and demonstrate functionality. Get immediate answers to your questions and complete course exercises from your desk using a remote development system configured with the hardware and software required for the course.

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Arabia Training Schedule

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